<a href="#" class="listing-item">
    <p class="title" id="listing-item-title-1">Dapibus ac facilisis in</p>
    <p>Lorem ipsum Morbi leo risus</p>


This is a custom component which mainly consists of a title and content wrapped in an anchor so the full element is clickable.


We do not use the aria-labelledby attribute on the anchor in order to ensure the entire link text is readable by screen readers.


No additional actions, aside from the markup, are needed to use this component.


  • The listing item title in this component is rendered via a paragraph element, since it’s unknown in advance what the implementors document heading level structure would be, it’s not advisable to define a specific heading element (H1 - H6) in this component.
    However, the component has been structured to work with every heading (H1 - H6) level as listing item title, so you are free to use which heading level suits your use-case.