<div class="container oi-container">
    <div class="row">
        <div class="col-md-2">
            <div class="oi-facet-constraints" id="oi-facet-cat"></div>
            <div class="oi-facet-constraints" id="oi-facet-date"></div>
            <div class="oi-facet-constraints" id="oi-facet-type"></div>
        <div class="offset-md-1 col-md-9">
            <h1 id="oi-header"></h1>
            <div id="oi-results"></div>
            <div id="oi-pager"></div>

    <div class="row">
        <div class="offset-md-4 col-md-4">
            <div id="oi-trending-results"></div>

Search Results

A custom component created for Nijmegen, which relies on a third-party service OpenIndex (https://www.openindex.io) to show results.


Aside from the markup, an extra JavaScript include and OpenIndex configuration is needed to have a fully functional component.

Adding underneath script tag after the other required script tags (as documented in How to use) and before the closing body tag is needed.

<script src="//www.openindex.io/js/openindex.69694b9315763c81.js"></script>

To render actual search results based on URL hash parameter #q, underneath OpenIndex configuration is needed which can follow above JavaScript include.

$(function() {
    openindex.preCallback = function(q) {
        if (q && q.length > 0) {
            var fld = $('label[for="' + openindex.store.inputField.replace('#', '') + '"]');
            if (fld.length) {

    //Geen result icons tonen (want die zijn nog niet gedefinieerd)
    openindex.result.icons = false;
    openindex.result.defaultIcon = false;

    //Trending pages vertaling
    openindex.trending.header = "Veel gezocht";

    //Titeltekst bij ontbrekende titels
    openindex.result.defaultTitle = "Geen titel";

    //Spellcheck vertaling
    openindex.spell.spellcheckFollow = "Geen resultaten gevonden voor <span>%QUERY%</span>, resultaten voor <span>%SUGGEST%</span> worden getoond.";
    openindex.spell.spellcheckSuggest = "Bedoelt u %SUGGEST%?";

    // Datum sinds.. vertalingen
    openindex.result.timeSinceFormat = "%AMOUNT% %UNIT% geleden";
    openindex.result.timeSinceMapping = {
        "now": "nu",
        "today": "vandaag",
        "yesterday": "gisteren",
        "seconds": "seconden",
        "minutes": "minuten",
        "hours": "uur",
        "days": "dagen",
        "weeks": "weken",
        "months": "maanden",
        "years": "jaren"

    openindex.type.multiSelect = true;
    openindex.cat.multiSelect = false;

    openindex.suggest.development = false;
    openindex.suggest.rows = 8; /* MIN: 2 and MAX: 8, DEFAULT: 4*/
    openindex.result.showTimeSince = true;
    openindex.result.removeFromTitle = / \| Gemeente nijmegen/gi;
    openindex.trending.removeFromTitle = / \| Gemeente nijmegen/gi;
    openindex.spell.autoFollowSuggest = true;

    openindex.cat.header = "Categorie";
    openindex.date.header = "Periode";
    openindex.type.header = "Bestandstype";
    openindex.pager.rows = 5;
    openindex.pager.prevLabel = "<i class=\"mdi mdi-chevron-left\" aria-hidden=\"true\"></i>";
    openindex.pager.nextLabel = "<i class=\"mdi mdi-chevron-right\" aria-hidden=\"true\"></i>";
    openindex.pager.manyResults = "Zoekresultaten voor \"%QUERY%\"";
    openindex.pager.noResults = "Geen resultaten gevonden voor \"%QUERY%\"";
    openindex.pager.fewResults = "%TOTAL% resultaten gevonden";
    openindex.pager.oneResult = "Exact 1 resultaat gevonden";
    openindex.spell.spellcheckSuggest = "Bedoelde u %SUGGEST%?";

    openindex.date.mapping = {
        "week" : "Deze week",
        "today" : "Vandaag",
        "month" : "Deze maand"

    openindex.type.mapping = {
        "text/html" : "Webpagina",
        "application/pdf" : "PDF bestand",
        "application/document" : "Document"


  • As an example, a predefined search term with value “paspoort” is used here